Legging Pole dance

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Leggings Jackie Nude-Black
Leggings Jackie Nude-Black

This new high-waist Jackie leggings is perfect for keeping your back warm when warming up. It refines your silhouette and assures you a sporty look chic, while having an incomparable comfort.

This model comes in several sizes, see the size guide.

45.00 €

Legging Pole Dance, a must for your trainings

Pole Dance leggings are essential in the wardrobe of the pole dancers: if there is a recurring moment during all the sessions of all the practitioners of Pole Dance throughout the world, it is the one of the warming up.

In summer as in winter, it is essential to wear an appropriate outfit for your trainings which will allow you to move with ease while guaranteeing you a warm warm up for your muscles. The most difficult to find is a legging adapted to the practice of your favorite sport while gracefully silhouette your figure ... Thing made with the models proposed by Naopolewear.


Be prepared for your pole dance training

Perfect for warm-up sessions, the Naopolewear Collection's Pole Dance Jackie leggings provide the ultimate comfort for your workouts with its ultra-comfortable stretch material that warms your muscles while letting your skin breathe. Its high waist is perfect for keeping your lower back and your kidneys warm while feminizing your curves and hips. Its bicoloured design refines your silhouette and ensures a sporty and feminine allure to you.

Like all models created by Naopolewear, our leggings are suitable for all sizes and shapes. Combined with the Top Minie, your training sessions will never be the same again!