To practice pole dance, you will have noticed if you have seen photos, or viewed videos, it is necessary to wear a outfit showing maximum skin. Not by fancy, but by necessity, indeed the naked skin allows to gripper at the bar, ie to hang without slipping. The most commonly used clothes are the pole dance bra and shorts. Beyond the simple model, these polewear clothing must have some specificities.

The first concerns the maintenance of the chest: in fact the bras must nest the chest either in a position called the place or in an inverted position. Obviously you will have understood, the ideal during the inversions, ie when the head is down, is that the chest stays in place ... it is more pleasant and prettier also J

The second important point, about what is also called the pole dance wear, is the widened crotch! I explain: during the different pole dance figures, we often make and work the big gap, facial or lateral, but without going into detail, it is obviously to be covered widely at the crotch to avoid any unexpected exit of the Female anatomy. It is clear that it is ready to smile but in reality it is much less pleasant!

Third polewear point, comfort! Here also a technical sports cloth is strongly advised, because comfort is essential. Very often the pole dance wear includes elastane, for a better elasticity and therefore a better support during the movements.

Finally, we often talk about pole dance classes and little about the warm-up, but as in all sports it is essential to warm up and wake up his body to sports practice. In terms of pole wear, having her body warm is very advisable, especially if you continue your warm-up towards a work of suppleness. For that a covering leggings and a tee shirt will allow you to be comfortable for this moment of preparation.

So, I invite you to visit our pole dance shop and if you have any questions or comments, I will be happy to answer them :)