This week I am pleased to tell you about Marion Crampe :) For the record, when i  discovered a video of Marion I decided to do pole dance. At 40, curvy girl, I did not think this sport would be for me! I have always considered that Marion wrote or published, she is my reference! When the NAO Polewear adventure started, it's one of the first people to whom I spoke :)

What I immediately liked? her accesibility, kindness! When I physically met her, in November 2015, I had the joy of discovering a beautiful person with a real humanity and I enjoyed talking with her about everything, and a little pole dancing !! What a meeting and what fun I've had !!

So that is why today I decided to interview Marion Crampe, so you too can find out who is she and can be meet her one day, I hope for you !!

Kisses, Nadège


Interview with Marion Crampe

Since when you practice the pole dance? And how did you come to this sport?
I practice since 2006. I have always been passionate about dance and sports. I discovered the Pole dance in Paris for the first time and since then it is part of my life.


How do you training routine ? Everyday ?
I lead is part of my work as an artist and a teacher. It is also a daily pleasure for passionate as I am.
Depending on the rest of my schedule (trips, workshops, days off), I vary my training. I try to meet my needs both technically but also in terms of the energy of the day, desires and inspiration.

I do not practice the Pole dance every day. Some days I focus more on flexibility, other times on the choreography ... I also practice other sports like running, swimming, yoga ... I try to enrich my training routine and also to discover other aspects of my discipline, but also the body in general.

Wherever possible, I favor at least one day a week completely off with a massage session. I'm really listening to my body and my mind. If I feel I need to rest more, I grant as important as the discovery of new figures.


What is your favorite outfit to do pole dance ?
I would be more specific about my outfit during my training for Pole dance. I like the comfort and support.
I need to feel comfortable to move me, and explore freely.
Good support to the chest is essential for me. Regarding the bottom, I'm pretty demanding. Generally, it is necessary that my outfit is covering (on all butt), but also with the comfort of elegance and femininity.

I'm a fan of high waist shorts Nao Polewear because I found all the criteria I search. That is why I am delighted to be working with the brand on this product today.


What advice would you give to all those who practice or who want to start in pole dance?
I would be brief. The Pole Dance is more than a sport. You discover physical abilities but also emotionally. You meet a beautiful community filled with wonderful people.
The key I think is to try to believe for those who already practice.
I discover each day about myself, about my body but also on others. It's really exciting.


This sport is part of your life every day, what did he bring you?
The Pole dance has definitely changed my life. Of all the wonderful things that brought me, I would say a job, a passion, a physical and mental well-being but also a community of wonderful friends and unforgettable experiences.


What is your vision of the evolution of this sport?
Live in the moment. I enjoy and inspires me to see our daily discipline to develop and grow. I'm sure that the future will be even more exciting with the positive aspects and those a little less than an evolution leads.

With passion