Buying his dancing pole is often very exciting but the choice is quite large, which brand to choose? What diameter? Which coating? In short, we will help you to see more clearly :)


First of all, you have the choice to take a fixed, semi-permanent dancing pole or a podium:

The fixed pole is riveted to the ceiling, you can remove it but the attachment will stay at your ceiling, this bar is very stable and safe.

Then you have the pole of semi permanent pole dance that is installed everywhere, it uses the force as pressure to be maintained between the floor and the ceiling, this model is very easy to use and mobile. For example, you can put it in your living room for your training and remove it right after without any problem. However it is important to take into account the structure of your ceiling, it is preferable that it is concrete or wood.


Finally, there is what is called the podium pole, it is now in a large base of metal or wood according to the marks and maintains the bar from below. It is quite heavy because it has to bear all the pressure but it is mobile and you can use it anywhere in your home or outside! The pole podium dance is very used for shoots for example :) Only small problem, it is quite expensive.


After determining the use you want to make and depending on your technical constraints to install it, you must choose the diameter. For this it is quite simple, there are several between 40 mm and 50 mm, usually in schools we find mostly 45mm, 42mm being reserved for small hands and 50mm for men. Do not hesitate to test before what suits you best.


Then comes the choice of the coating of the pole dance bar, there are several, but the most used are the chrome coatings that are found mainly in schools of pole dance. For more grip, you can choose titanium gold or even the brass. And to go further, the silicone coating is very grippy to polish in clothing, with leggings for example.

At the level of pole dance bar brands, there is the leader XPole, Lupit pole or AGM.

Here I hope this article will help you make your choice :)