nadege belloche lemarchandI am Nadège Belloche Lemarchand, creator of NAO Polewear.I created this clothing brand dedicated to pole dance, and it was born from my pole dance practice. Initially, I did not find appropriate outfits, not by the style, not by the size. The idea of NAO Polewear was born.  From that point, the adventure began!

Very quickly, I associated the pole dancer community with this project in the process and gradually I met very nice people, of whom I will discuss in the blog. To finance the first collection, my pole dancer friends largely followed me through my crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank. I want to still thank them today, as you can see in this blog  article.

The warm day-to-day support, allowed me to continue with web users the progress of this project of a lifetime, the everyday life project!   #polelife #naopolewear #poledance #naopoleaddict

This brand is for pole dancers but also for people practicing yoga, swimming, Pilates, aerial silk, fitness ...The aim is to dress all body with style and support for sport. Style, comfort, quality and size are the characteristics of NAO Polewear designs that you will find throughout the year.

Discover the ambassadors 


NAO Polewear has the chance to bring talented personalities from the pole dance world together,

below you will discover these ambassadors and their backgrounds.  


Natalia Meshcheriakova

Natalia started Pole Dance in 2007 and from the first lesson she became addicted to the flying and acrobatics sensations provided by this discipline.

Natalia practices Pole Sport and pole Art, she was a Russian champion of Acrobatic Pole dance in 2014, and winner of many Pole Dance championships. Natalia is widely recognized in the dance world, she is also a creator and coach of The Hunger Games Group.


Alexandra Gerland

A dance enthusiast since a very young age, Alexandra Gerland has always lived off her passion. In 2009 she discovered pole dance and fell in love. Soon, Alexandra understood that this dance, which binds grace, flexibility, strength and body control is made for her. 

In 2011 she participated in her first French championship. In 2012 she opened her own pole dance school in Lyon. In 2014 she was crowned pole dance world champion in her class in London.


Deb Roach

Ever since she won the international pole dance championships in 2012, Deb has traveled the world. 

Born without her left arm, Deb has suffered from anxiety since her childhood, but then pole dance, the artistic circus, dance, yoga and Pilates have changed her life.

This warm pole dancer gives a real life lesson. Nowadays, she is a teacher in London. This Australian teaches alongside the most recognized pole dancers in the world.


Bénédicte Rinaldi

Having practiced artistic gymnastics, Bénédicte Rinaldi discovered pole dance in 2012 and it immediately became one of her passions.

Now Benedict teaches her knowledge regularly. Crowned the 2015 French Pole Sports champion, her favorite tricks combine strength, flexibility, handstands and acrobatics.

Year after year, Benedict becomes one of the most famous athletes in the Pole Dance world.


Chou Poledance

The first time I met Chou Poledance it was in my gym's locker room. 

Adorable, Julie asked me questions about the Pole Dance practice.  

Today Chou Poledance has been practicing pole dance for over a year and she is gifted! Her fast development has enabled her to teach from time to time in order to pass on pole dance techniques.

This talented young mother particularly enjoys the technical but also the sexy side of pole dance. 


Penny Dolly Doll

Penny Dolly Doll is the first pole dancer that I met and it is with her ​​that I started this discipline that we love so much! For me, she represents the quiet strength.

What Penny loves about pole dance? Surpassing yourself, being able to perform tricks that you would have never imagined to perform. Self-confidence, letting go by simply dancing, feeling sexy with or without heels. Being able to look in the mirror and see that you are beautiful.  

Thank you Penny as it is with her ​​that my passion for pole dance started as well as the history of NAO Polewear.


Allegra Bird

Allegra Bird dances since a very young age. With twenty years of ballet, ballroom dancing and dancesport, she became a professional dancer and discovered pole dance in early 2012.

She was immediately taken by this discipline that combines muscle building and artistic expression.

She particularly likes pole spinning and floorwork. She subsequently completed her training with the biggest names from pole dance and has learned from Simon Heulle, Laurence Hilsum, Oona Kivelä...